Rhythm Room was set up in 2009 by Nicola Kealy and Mischa O' Mahony in response to the need for an
accessible training programme for Actors with an intellectual disability.

Our work is inclusive, which means we work with non-disabled and disabled Actors.
The work we create focuses on the ability of all our actors and their unique view of and approach to this tricky business we call 'life'. It is this view and approach that informs the Theatre we make.

Developing students creativity, expression and communication skills through Drama, we work through a group process that contains and holds the creative space so that the Actors can immerse themselves safely in this
creative and exploratory method of theatre training.The training process is layered and builds upon the students
existing skills through repetition, reflection and discussion.

Rhythm Room seeks to make the art of performance accessible to everyone and to take this a step further by
creating unique productions.
We are committed to continually bringing quality inclusive Theatre to the stage and enabling performers from all backgrounds to reach their full potential.