Bob Saves Humanity! Work in progress

It’s the year 2060, and the computer now rules the world. Humans have given up their Autonomy and freedom; they have become Operatives.

The computer has slowly erased all memory of books, stories, songs, tales, people of importance, films, storytellers, creativity and imagination. The world has become automated and humans an extension of ‘The Computer’.

The Computer watches and listens to everything. Life has become joyless and without soul.

In a dusty old storeroom that has escaped the computers reach there are eight surviving characters from the ancient world of stories and song. Caught in an endless loop of boredom and nostalgia, they no longer remember who they are and how important their voices once were.

Suddenly, there is a Glitch in the System, and the storeroom flashes momentarily on Bob’s screen! Disturbed and intrigued by the image, Bob decides to defy the computer and investigate, what he finds might restore humanity to its once vibrant self but will he be in time?

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