Being In The Moment

I was cycling home from town this evening, feet pedaling but head caught up in thoughts for the coming week when I barely noticed two teenage girls walking towards me - My head was still consumed with all the important thoughts that were banging around in there when one of said teenagers turned towards me and broke into an operatic number complete with over the top gestures! I was momentarily stunned ***% then the girl and her companion burst out laughing and then... I too roared with laughter - It was a fantastic, life affirming and freeing moment that brought me right out of my head and into my body and it carried me the rest of the way home with a smile on my face and a bumpedy bump in my heart!

So as the week comes to a close and preparations start for yet another one I hope to keep the notion of the 'moment' with me throughout the coming week and the free, fun and youthful energy of those two fabulous teenagers in my heart.

Nicola Kealy
Artistic Director @ Rhythm Room

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